Functional Living Skills

Functional Living Skills:
Develop daily living skills related to eating, dressing, toileting and mobility to become more independent

Activities that will build on and improve personal skills related to dressing, eating, toileting, self-help, independent living, swimming and mobility

Learning Outcomes – (depending on the child and the outcome, each could be with or without prompts, or with defined amount of assistance):

Put on coat
Put on boots/sneakers

Use a napkin to wipe mouth

Put things in lunch bag

Put garbage in appropriate containers following snack/lunch

Chew and swallow small portions of food before putting more in mouth

Independently ask to go to washroom

Pull down pants consistently at toileting

Flush toilet

Become more aware of school environment (location of items in school, gym, library, office, staff room)

Participate more actively during outings (grocery store, field trips) by pushing the cart, picking items, placing in cart

Assist in preparing basic snacks – chopping, stirring, mixing

Using a pfd (personal flotation device), kick feet front/back; blow bubbles

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