Functional Academics

Functional Academics:
Develop readiness skills which are prerequisites to aid in future development of basic functional academics within the context of daily living activities.
Content: Topics
Readiness skills in relation to space and sorting
stacking (rings, cups)
ordering objects (smallest to largest)
matching objects to pictures
matching picture to picture
construct bead block pattern
identify colours
to recall words in response to “What is it?”
take part in 1:1 correspondence activities in daily routine
identify basic shapes
identify letters
Identify basic shapes through the use of manipulatives
Improve fine motor skills – cutting, colouring, stringing beads, sorting objects, nuts/bolts
Sort objects by colour, shape, basic function (communication symbols)
Identify basic colours
Identify letters (personal initials)
Identify numbers
Identify objects in environment by pointing
Match PCS to objects in environment

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