Functional Communication Skills

Functional Communication Skills
Goal: Improve functional communication skills. Develop receptive, expressive and social communication skills to help foster positive interactions with others.

Expansion of experiences that will further develop receptive expressive and social communication skills

Respond to direct commands by gestures/words/actions
State what is happening in the pictures of a story book
Demonstrate understanding of the “where” concept by pointing to pitures, communication symbols and things in environment
Follow one step directions
State functional words relatin to weather by observing the weather daily (sunny, rainy, foggy, cloudy, snowy)
Vocalize the names of familiar things in environment
Vocalize to have needs met
Respond to yes/no question appropriately and consistently
State the names of food items, animals and clothing (10-15 items)
Demonstrate understanding of picture/symbol card with an activity (Mayer Johnson Picture Communication Symbols)

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