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Your child needs special help at school. You know your child best, so you need to educate your school in the best ways they can help educate your child. Therefore you work together on your child’s individualized plan. Each child

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About us is borrowing on the strengths of and adding information specific to Canada and her provinces and territories. Please contribute to our community by adding your comments and adding your information on where to get help, what policies work

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dravetCanada’s Annual General Meeting
Everyone is invited to attend dravetCanada's Annual General Meeting on Saturday June 24th. The Agenda to follow. Nominations for Board positions are welcome. They will be taken through our online application. Pls consider being a Board Director, a Provincial rep or a volunteer on one of our many committees. If you can't attend in person or by teleconference, you can still have Your Voice Heard by forwarding your concerns and suggestions as to how we can best meet your needs. All comments will be shared at the AGM. Let Your Voice Be Heard and join us
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